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Last updated: Dec. 15, 2020



With a speedometer you can show how close you are to hit the goal.
You have the option to choose between a widget with two numbers (actual and target) showing the percentage in relation to each other or just an actual value as a percentage with 100 % as the maximum.

Use conditional color to change colors depending on how far you are in reaching the goal.

See full article on the Speedometer widget here.

Number box


With a number box you have the option to show number, percentage and time.

The options are many with the number box - you can e.g. have the number of orders in top and the value of the orders in the bottom. Or you can use it like the speedometer to see how close you are to hit the goal.

Conditional color setting will be in numbers if only one value is presented in the box.
And percentage relation if two values are chosen.



Instead of creating a formula for each employee to display in e.g. a number box, you can create one formula for each value, and display it in a table.

The above table shows two formulas:

  • Goal 
  • Sales

With the formulas you can also display e.g. average deal value, won deals or % of target achieved.

See full article on the Table widget here.



With the timeline widget, you can show the latest activities.

The timeline widget looks pretty much the same as the table. The difference is that a timeline shows each activity, so the salesman can figure multiple times, like the above example, instead of summing up like in the table.

You will most likely use a 'Last function' or maybe a 'Sum function' in a formula to show the data in the timeline.

Line / area chart

Choose between 'Line' or 'Area':


It's not possible to define the Y-axis range - this will be automatically defined from your data.

You can only show values from one data source. But you can group on e.g. teams or users.

With these charts you can choose to compare your data to last time periode, e.g. last month or last year.
See full article on the Area / Line chart widget here.



Profile pictures can be uploaded by each sales rep in 'My profile'.

A leaderboard shows the rank of the sales rep, based on number of sales, amount etc.

No matter if you compete all the time, or just occasionally - the leaderboard is an easy way to show a winner.


Use the image widget to place a picture on the dashboard.

It can e.g. show your company logo or a map with number boxes / speedometer on top, to create this effect:


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