Area / Line chart

A quick guide on how to use the area and line chart widgets.

Last updated: March 2, 2022

The area and line chart widgets are very similar. The only difference is that the area chart highlights the entire area in color. These charts are useful if you want to compare your current data to a target or the previous period, for example, the current month to last month.


An example of a dashboard that displays several area and line chart widgets.

Just like the number box and speedometer widgets, area and line charts allow you to select 'Actual Value' and 'Target Value' KPIs to display your current data and compare it to a target value.


  • Click on the line legends on the widget to hide or show lines.
  • Set up conditional colors for your KPIs in the formula editor to improve the visualization of your area/line chart.

This option accumulates data and therefore helps you to easily visualize and track the total progress of your daily performance.

For example, if the sales department is closing several deals per day, the 'Accumulate' option allows you to see the total value of closed deals within the selected time period.


An example of a line chart with accumulated values for March 2018 compared to February 2018.

You can choose to compare your current data to past data. For example, if your area or line widget displays data for the current month, the ‘Compare to last time period’ option will allow you to include data for the previous month. Essentially, it reflects the past of the currently selected time period.

Equally, if your widget displays data for the current year, selecting ‘Compare to last time period’ will show results for the previous year.

Note: ‘Target Value’ and ‘Compare to last time period’ are mutually exclusive. It means that you can only compare the actual value either to the target value or to the last time period.


An example of a line chart comparing data from March 2018 to February 2018.

You can compare the actual value to a target value or last time period only if the ‘Group by’ option is set to ‘One group.’ One group means the total of all teams and users.

If you group the widget by Teams or Employees, it will not allow you to compare data.

Read more: Learn more about the 'Group By' option or how to set a Custom Time Period.

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