FIFA World Cup 2022

Bring the World Cup to your office with Plecto's real-time dashboard!

Last updated: Nov. 29, 2022

How to get started

To view on a computer:

Open this link in incognito/private browsing mode and you will be taken directly to the slideshow:

*Open in incognito/private browsing mode
*If you can't see the full group tables on your screen, try zooming out (CTRL- on Windows and CMD- on a Mac)

To view on a smart TV:

1) Open your browser app on your TV.

2) Simply type in the same URL that you can see above (

3) Go "full screen"

It's that easy!

Our live World Cup dashboard gives you:

✅ Live scores, table updates and team stats!
✅ On-screen notification whenever a goal is scored.
✅ Connect to your office TVs for everyone to see
✅ A virtual "wallchart" where you can track your country's route to the final!

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