Last updated: Oct. 16, 2020

What are slideshows?

Slideshows are the tool you use to see your dashboards on your office TV screen.
Slideshows rotate between different dashboards and other slides which may show contests, youtube videos or other media.

They are useful, as you can collect all your sales dashboards in one slideshow and marketing dashboards on another slideshow. These slideshows mean that you can see multiple dashboards on one screen, as each dashboard is viewed in periods as the slideshow is on a loop.
Maybe you want to show all dashboards at the sales managers office, but only a few to the sales team.


Here you can see a dashboard can be added to your slideshows by selecting the desired dashboard from the dropdown list.

Types of slides:
You have the option of different types of slides:

  • Dashboards
  • Contests - You can read here how to make a contest in Plecto
  • Youtube videos - You can read here how to add these to your slideshows
  • URL sides
slideshow option

URL slides:
With a URL slide it's possible to display an external website inside a Plecto slideshow. Not every website can be used, therefore make sure the website you are using fulfils these requirements:

  • The URL starts with https://
    • http links will never work → this is a browser security measure that cannot be circumvented

  • The page allows being displayed inside an "iframe"
    • A website may set an X-Frame-Options header to restrict where it can be displayed
    • The X-Frame-Options header must not be set to allow Plecto to include the page

Slideshow settings:

You can add as many dashboards/slides as you would like.
You can choose how many seconds each slide shall be shown, on the chosen slide.
Drag the slides out at either side if you want to show them at specific times of the day. When the slides time slot comes, then it will be incorporated into the slideshow.


From the slide shows list you can click 'Preview', and your slideshow will open in a new window.

Display your slideshow on your TV

Copy the URL of the slideshow when opening the preview page, and enter the URL to your Smart TV, or use This give you quick access to view your slideshow on your screen.


URL example of a slideshow.

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