How to Change Dashboard Text Size

A guide on how to change the text size on your dashboards.

Last updated: March 10, 2022

If the text size on your dashboards appears too big or small, you can change it by adjusting the zoom level. You will see the zooming changes on any of the TV screens and connected slideshows your dashboard is added to. Once you change the zoom level, you might want to resize the widgets on your dashboard to see what size best matches the new layout.

  • Go to VisualizationDashboards and open your dashboard.
  • To zoom in, press together Command and + (Mac) or Ctrl and + (Windows).
  • To zoom out, press Command and (Mac) and Ctrl and (Windows).

An example of different zoom levels. The top dashboard is at 100% (standard) and the bottom one at 200%.

Keyboard language

Depending on your keyboard language, the plus and minus keys might be located in different places.

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