Announcements (BETA)

A guide on how to send time-critical messages to employees and teams across your organization.

Last updated: March 23, 2022

Announcements are a feature in Plecto that allows you to send or schedule time-sensitive messages across your organization via slideshows, emails, cell phone push notifications, or Slack.

Announcement Example

With announcements, you can send info and warning messages to your employees and teams, inform your organization about critical situations, send reminders, and more.

There are four types of announcement messages. The message type determines the color of the announcement bar on the slideshows or the icon displayed on push notifications on the phone. You can also see a preview of your announcement when creating one. The available message types are:

  • Critical (red)
Announcement - Critical
  • Warning (yellow)
Announcement - Warning
  • Info (blue)
Announcement - Info
  • Success (green)
Announcement - Success

To create an announcement, go to Visualization > Announcements+ New announcement. You can do the following in the announcement editor:

  • Write a message
  • Select a message type
  • Send immediately or schedule
  • Choose where to send the announcement (slideshows, emails, push notifications, Slack)
  • Preview the announcement
Announcement Editor

You can send the announcements to different channels:

  • Slideshows: Send the announcement to all slideshows or select specific slideshows. Once you send the announcement, it will permanently display your message on the slideshow. You can also set an end date to terminate the announcement after a while.
  • Emails: Send the announcement to all employees or selected teams on their email.
  • Phone as push notifications (requires having Plecto mobile app): Send the announcement to all employees or selected teams on their cell phones. In order to receive a push notification, employees need to have the Plecto mobile app on their phones. Learn more.
  • Slack: Send an announcement on Slack. Add or select your Slack credentials and choose a channel. To create new Slack credentials from the announcement editor, you need to follow a similar routine as for notifications. Click on the ➕ button on the right of the credentials field and follow the instructions on your screen. Learn more.

Once you send an announcement, it will show on the selected channels (slideshows, emails, Slack, mobile). If you send an announcement to a slideshow, it will pop up on the screen and continue displaying your message in the info bar at the slideshow bottom.

If the announcement has an end date, it will automatically remove the message from the slideshow. You can also end the announcement manually:

  • Go to Visualization > Announcements and click on the "Actions" button on the right of an announcement. There you will have the option to end it.

You can see the list of ended announcements under Visualization > Announcements > Ended tab.

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