Share Dashboards Outside of Your Plecto Organization

Request IP whitelisting and allow people outside of your Plecto organization to view your dashboards and slideshows without having to log in.

Last updated: Aug. 5, 2021

Be aware: You need to be subscribed to Plecto's Large or Enterprise plan to request IP whitelisting. Contact our Support team to make a request.

You can request to whitelist IP addresses so that other people outside of your Plecto organization can see your dashboards and slideshows. Whitelisting is a useful option if you want to share your dashboards or slideshows without having to create a login for each person that needs to be able to view them.

To whitelist an IP address, you need to contact our Support team. As per your request, they will add or remove IP addresses from your Plecto organization. You can add an unlimited number of IP addresses to the whitelist.

To see the whitelisted IP addresses, go to Organization > Settings in Plecto. You will find the whitelisted addresses in the section "Security, Usage & Limits."

Settings_Security, Usage, Limits.png

An example of the "Security, Usage & Limits" section in Plecto settings page.

Note: A visitor with a whitelisted IP address is only allowed to view your Plecto dashboards and slideshows. Since they don't have access to Plecto, you need to provide them with the URL links to your dashboards and slideshows.

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