Introduction to Dashboards

Learn how you can use the powerful Plecto dashboards to track your business performance in real time.

Last updated: Feb. 6, 2023

A dashboard – also known as a performance dashboard – is a data visualization tool that helps businesses measure, monitor, and manage their key activities (KPIs). Plecto offers 13 different dashboard widgets that are easy to add, edit, move, resize, and more. Each of the widgets is highly customizable.

Dashboard - Leads and Opportunities
Install dashboards from Plecto Store

We offer ready-made dashboards created by our experts that you can install for free. Integrate your systems with Plecto, then go to the Plecto Store and see if there's anything you like.

Here's how to create a dashboard canvas in five simple steps. For more detail, read our complete guide: How to Create a Dashboard.

  1. Go to Visualization > Dashboards > + New dashboard.
  2. Give your dashboard a title.
  3. (Optional) Select a different theme and a parent dashboard. If chosen, this dashboard will become a sub-dashboard, and you will see it under the parent dashboard on the Dashboards page.
  4. (Optional) Expand the Advanced settings if you want to create the dashboard for specific teams, limit access, change the dashboard time zone or allow team managers to edit the dashboard.
  5. Click Save to finish and create the dashboard.
Create New Dashboard

Now that you have created a dashboard, all you need is to add widgets to display your KPIs. To add a widget, click the + Add widget button in the top menu, then select a widget and drag it onto the dashboard. You can build formulas and create your KPIs right in the widget.

To see a dashboard on a TV screen, you need to create a slideshow first, then connect the slideshow to a TV screen. A slideshow combines different media (dashboards, contests, YouTube videos, URL content) that you can add to the slideshow timeline and display on your TV.

Plecto offers different dashboard themes. You can change the theme in the dashboard settings. If you have a Large or Enterprise subscription, you can create custom themes. Read more in Dashboard Themes.

As for widgets, you can add conditional colors to your formulas, and the widgets will change color based on your progress. Learn more in Conditional Colors.

Dashboards - Green Theme

This dashboard has the Green theme.

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