Introduction to Dashboards

An introduction to dashboards in Plecto and how these are used to display your KPIs.

Last updated: Aug. 2, 2021

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Dashboards are the main component of Plecto. They are built from widgets that you can simply drag and drop onto the dashboard.

The widgets define what data is shown by adding formulas and the time periods on the widgets.


Choose from a variety of widgets, and you can design the layout of the dashboard. This is where you can fully utilise your creative skills and personalise your dashboards!

Tip: We generally recommend that you import your data to Plecto first, from which you create dashboards and widgets.

The creation and general configuration of dashboards is described in this support article: Create a Dashboard.

Create widgets and formulas to start tracking your KPIs: How do I get started using Plecto?

Customize dashboards even further with themes, allowing you to change the background of the dashboard, the colors of widgets, and much more: Themes.

Set a dashboard as a favorite and access it quickly from the front page of Plecto: How to set a Dashboard as a Favorite.

Share dashboards with people who do not have access to Plecto using IP-whitelisting: Share Dashboards with Users outside of your Plecto Organisation.

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