Creating and configuring a Dashboard

A guide on creating and configuring a dashboard and an explanation of the settings available.

Last updated: July 24, 2020

How to create a dashboard

You can create a dashboard by doing the following:

  1. Go to "Dashboards" which is found under "Visualization" in the sidebar
  2. Click "New dashboard" in the top-right corner
  3. Enter a title for the dashboard
  4. (Optional) Select a theme and a parent dashboard
  5. Finish with "Save" to create the dashboard

Advanced settings

Each dashboard can be customized even further with the advanced settings available. These are found under "Advanced settings" when creating a dashboard (see image above).

The advanced settings can also be changed after the dashboard has been created by accessing the settings of the dashboard. The settings can be accessed when viewing the dashboard and clicking "Settings" in the top bar. 


The settings can also be accessed from the list of all dashboards under "Visualization -> Dashboards" in the sidebar when hovering the mouse over the dashboard name and clicking the small "Edit"-icon.



This setting allows you to decide what teams the dashboard should include data for. This means that you can easily decide what employees should be shown on the widgets on the dashboard.

You can also set teams for each widget in its settings, allowing you to have multiple widgets with different teams on the same dashboard.

Note: It is not possible to set teams on each individual widget if a team has been set in the advanced settings, as the team setting will then be applied to all widgets on the dashboard.

Limit dashboard access

This setting allows you to limit what teams can access and view the dashboard. All regular users with login access can view the dashboard if no limitation has been set.

All administrators can view and edit all dashboards regardless of the limitations set - these limitations only apply to regular users.

Note: This feature is only available for the large-plan.

Allow managers to edit

This setting will allow team managers to edit the dashboard. 

The manager of the selected team(s) will be able to create, delete and edit widgets on the dashboard, but will not be able to create and edit formulas and cannot access the settings of the dashboard either.

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