Create Individual Dashboards for Teams and Employees

A guide on how to create dashboards that display data for specific teams or employees.

Last updated: Feb. 4, 2022

You can create dashboards in Plecto to see metrics for specific teams or employees in your organization. The easiest way to create individual dashboards is to copy an existing dashboard and change the settings of the copied dashboard to only display data for the teams you have selected.

If you already have a dashboard that displays all your KPIs, you can use it as a template to create team and employee dashboards. If you don't have a dashboard, you can learn how to build one in this article: Create a Dashboard.

To create a team dashboard (for one or multiple teams), all you have to do is select in the dashboard settings the teams whose KPIs you want to see on the dashboard.

  • Go to Visualization > Dashboards, hover over a dashboard title and click on the "Edit" icon next to it. Here you can also choose to copy the current dashboard by clicking "Copy this dashboard" in the top-right corner. If you copy the dashboard, Plecto will open the settings page for the copied dashboard. The following steps are the same, regardless if you copy a dashboard or not.
  • Click on "Advanced settings." In the field "Teams," select the teams whose data you want to be displayed on the dashboard.
  • To finish, click "Save" in the bottom-right corner.

The video below illustrates how to copy an existing dashboard and configure the copied dashboard settings to only display KPIs for one team.

Note: If you add teams in the advanced settings, they will apply to all widgets on the dashboard, and you will not be able to select or change teams on individual widgets.

If you want an employee to have their own dashboard, you will have to create a team for them. It means that each employee will have their own team in Plecto, where they will be the only member.

To create a team, go to Organization > Teams > + New team. Give the team a name; it can be the name of the employee, for example, Curtis Miller. Add the employee in the field "Employees," then click "Save" in the bottom-right corner. See the video below.

The employee now has their own team, and it is ready to be added to a dashboard. Follow the same steps from the section above that describe how to add a team to a dashboard.

The video below illustrates how to make a copy of an existing dashboard and configure the copied dashboard settings to only display KPIs for one employee. You will see the name of the employee's team in the drop-down list when selecting teams in the dashboard settings.

Note: You can also adjust the team settings right on the dashboard. Open the dashboard, then click on the "Settings" button at the top. A sidebar will appear on the right. From there, select "Advanced settings" and add or remove teams in the field "Teams."

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