How to Create a Dashboard

A guide on how to create and configure dashboards in Plecto and display your KPIs in real time.

Last updated: Feb. 6, 2023

Permission required

Only Global Admins and employees with create & edit access to the Dashboards feature can create and manage dashboards in Plecto. Learn more in Introduction to Permissions.

  1. Go to Visualization > Dashboards > + New dashboard.
  2. Give your dashboard a title.
  3. (Optional) Choose a different theme and a parent dashboard. If chosen, this dashboard will become a sub-dashboard, and you will see it under the parent dashboard on the Dashboards page.
  4. (Optional) Choose if you want to filter data by teams. If added, the dashboard will only display data for those teams.
  5. (Optional) Expand the Advanced settings if you want to create the dashboard for specific teams, limit access, change the dashboard time zone or allow team managers to edit the dashboard.
  6. Click Save to finish and create the dashboard.
Create New Dashboard
Edit the dashboard settings at any time

You can always change the dashboard settings, even after the dashboard has been created. To edit the settings, click the Settings button on your dashboard or the Edit button when viewing the dashboard list in Plecto.

🔸 Filter data by teams

This filter allows you to narrow down what data gets displayed on your dashboard. If you add teams here, Plecto will only show data from the added teams. This setting will apply to all dashboard widgets. However, if you're an admin, you will still be able to override this setting and choose other teams on individual widgets.

This filter allows you to easily create team-specific dashboards. Read more about team dashboards.

🔸 Limit access

You can limit access to only allow specific teams in your organization to view your dashboards. The limitations apply to everyone who's not an admin in your organization. Read more in How to Limit Access to Dashboards.

Subscription requirements

You need to be subscribed to Plecto's Large or Enterprise plan and have admin access in your organization to be able to limit access on your dashboards. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

🔸 Allow managers to edit

This setting is an extension of the Filter data by teams setting. Managers of the added teams will be able to add, reorganize, duplicate, and to some extent modify the widgets on the dashboard. Team managers with Standard permission profile don't have access to formulas, so they won't be able to create new KPIs or access the dashboard settings.

If you have created limited dashboard access

The Limit access setting overrides Allow managers to edit. If you add teams in Allow managers to edit, all added managers will be able to access and edit the dashboard. However, if you have limited dashboard access, only the managers of the limited teams will have access to the dashboard.

Now that you have created a dashboard, all you need is to add widgets to display your KPIs.

  1. Click + Add widget in the top menu (or press A on your keyboard).
  2. Select a widget.
  3. Drag the widget onto the dashboard while holding the left button on your mouse. You can always move, resize, and copy your widgets.
Learn more about the dashboard widgets

We have made a list of all the dashboard widgets. See what you can do with each one of them. Go to KPI Inspiration if you need some ideas for your dashboards.

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