Add Dashboards to Your Favorites

How to bookmark your favorite dashboards to enable quick access from the front page.

Last updated: July 13, 2022

If you have a long list of dashboards, you can enable easy access to your most used ones by adding them to your favorites. Plecto will display your favorite dashboards on the front page, where you will see all your favorites from all your Plecto organizations, regardless of the organization you're currently in.

  1. Go to Visualization > Dashboards.
  2. Click the star icon on the left of the dashboard title – your dashboard will be added to the favorites. To remove a dashboard from favorites, click the same star icon.
How to Add a Favorite Dashboard

If you go back to the front page (click the Plecto logo in the top-left corner), you will now see a list of dashboards that you have added as favorites.

Front Page With Favorite Dashboards

Adding dashboards to favorites using the mobile app on your phone is just as easy! All you have to do is open the Plecto app, go to Dashboards > Dashboards, then click on the star icon on the right of the dashboard title.

Don't have the mobile app?

Download Plecto on your mobile device for iOS and Android.

Favorite Dashboard Mobile 1.PNG

A list of dashboards on Plecto mobile app.

After you have added the dashboards to your favorites, you will see them in Dashboards > Favorites.

Favorite Dashboard Mobile 2.PNG

A list of favorite dashboards on Plecto mobile app.

Want to know more about the mobile app?

See your business metrics on your mobile (including Apple Watch). Read more in Plecto Mobile App.

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