A guide on creating themes and applying them to your dashboards.

You can create themes to customize your dashboards even further than possible using the dashboard widgets. Using themes is a great way to tailor the design of your dashboard to fit your company's profile and create unique dashboards and slideshows.

Themes are currently only available on our large-plan. Please contact our Sales Team if you are interested in trying this feature or learning more about the large-plan.

Creating a theme

Please follow these steps to create a new theme:

  1. Go to "Themes", which is found in the sidebar under "Visualization". 
  2. Click "New theme".
  3. Name the new theme and start customizing it as you would like.
  4. Click the small white box next to "Text color" to choose a color from the color picker. You can also enter a HEX color-code or RGBA-codes.
  5. Upload a background image (optional). This can also be a GIF-image - be creative! 👩🏻‍🎨
  6. Finish with "Save". 

An example of a custom theme using a GIF-image as the background:

Example theme

Applying a theme to a dashboard

Once you have created a custom theme, you can begin applying it to your dashboards. You have to apply the theme for each dashboard you would to use it on. 

Follow these steps to apply a theme to a dashboard:

  1. Go to the dashboard you would like to apply a theme to.
  2. Click "Settings" in the top right corner to access the settings of the dashboard.
  3. Change the theme of your dashboard under "Theme". 

    Changing theme of a dashboard
  4. Finish with "Save" to update the theme of the dashboard.

The dashboard will now use the selected theme:

Theme dashboard