Legacy Team Behavior

In February 2018 we changed how teams work with Plecto. This describes the old behavior.

Last updated: April 12, 2021

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Organizations that signed up before February 2018 will be on the old setup. On this setup, all your employees need to be assigned to a team to be displayed on a dashboard. So if you make a widget that has no team filter on it, it will only show employees that are at least on one team. This is why we have a warning on the employee list, if an employee is not assigned to a team - and this help article. 😀


  • You can use one formula across teams, time periods and widgets.
  • If an employee is moving to another team or if he/she stops, you don't have to change all the formulas, but only move or remove the person from the team. (If you are not on the team, you won't count in the numbers.)

For data to be displayed anywhere in Plecto, the employee associated with the data must at all times be associated with at least one team.


Your team can contain managers and members. Only members will be displayed on the dashboards. So remember to add managers as members too, if they also count in the numbers. Both managers and members will have access to the 'Custom Input' registration boxes from manual data sources.

Please note: If you are on the old setup and would like to run on the new setup, please let us know by contacting us: support@plecto.com - we are more than happy to tell you more about this new upgrade and how you can benefit from it! 😊

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