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Change in team calculation on number boxes and tables

Last updated: March 22, 2021

Previously - What registrations did show?

The previous implementation had a challenge where the number widgets include more data than the table widget. This is because table widgets look up what members to show based on the team membership, while the number widget checks both the team membership and the registration's team field.

So if Kyle has a registration where in the team field it is “My Team” then he previously would not be shown on a table that filters for “My Team” in the team settings, when he was not an actual member of the team.

However, his registration would be counted in a number box.

Anna was a member of the team “My team”. She does not have a team added by her registration in the data source.

Yet she is shown on the table filtering for “My team” and also in the number box. This is because she is a member of the team.


Team where Anna is a team member, but Kyle is not a member


Registration, where Kyle has the team, added even though he is not a member of the team.
Anna is a member of the team (see the first image) but does not have the team added on the registration - This is not necessary.

Image 2020-12-09 at 3.48.19 PM.png

The settings in both the widgets filter for Team - "My team"
The table would show only Anna as she is a direct member of the team.
The number box shows both Anna and Kyle's registrations as it takes data based on both team membership and the team on the registration.

Now - What do registrations show?

With the new settings then Kyle will be shown on both a table and a number box widget if he has a registration linked to “My team” even if he is not a member of the team.

Amber’s registration would as before be shown on a table and number box when she is a direct member of the team, without needing a team to be added directly to the registration.
This means that the data in number boxes and tables will match.

Image 2020-12-09 at 3.48.37 PM.png

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