Merge Employees

Learn how to merge employees in Plecto to avoid having duplicates in your organization.

Last updated: Sept. 17, 2021

If you have duplicate employee profiles in your organization, you can merge them. The duplication usually occurs if you integrate with multiple systems that use the same employees.

For example, if you integrate with Pipedrive and Podio, Plecto will import all active employees from each system separately. On top of that, you might have created some employees manually and, after integrating to a system, you see the same employees appearing twice. You can easily fix your employee list in Plecto by merging their profiles.

  • To merge employees, go to Organization > Employees in Plecto. You will see a list of employee names and an "Actions" button on the right of each name.
  • Choose the employee profile you want to keep (the other profile will be merged), click on the "Actions" menu and select "Merge with another employee."

Note: When merging employees, you should always merge the profile with lower permission (for example, only login access) into the one with higher permission (for example, admin access). This way, you will ensure that the employee does not lose access after their profiles merge.


An example of an "Employees" page in Plecto.

  • Now choose the duplicate profile from the drop-down list. The profile you select under "Merge with" will merge into the employee profile you see at the top of the "Merge employee" page.
  • To finish, click "Merge" in the bottom-right corner.

Be aware: The employee profile you select from the drop-down list will be deleted, and all of their teams and registrations will be assigned to the employee whose name and avatar you see at the top. This action cannot be undone.

Plecto can auto-merge external accounts (employee profiles imported from an external system such as Salesforce or Adversus) based on the employee email. It means that if you connect Plecto to multiple systems, Plecto will merge the employee profiles that use the same email. The merging will occur once Plecto receives a new registration made by the employee.

You can see which external accounts your employees are connected to in Organization > Employees > [Employee name] > Edit employee. If your employee is connected to an external account, you will see the list of accounts at the bottom of the page. There you can also see the employee external ID and an email address in case they have provided one in the external system.


Did you by accident merge two employee profiles? If the employees are managed by an external system, there is a workaround! 😊 All you need is to remove the external account connection from the employee profile in Plecto and run a reimport in your data source to recreate the employee profiles.

  1. Find the employee you started the merge with under Organization > Employees > [Employee name] and click on the "Edit employee" button.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the section "External Accounts."
  3. Click on the "Actions" button on the right, then "Remove connection."
  4. Find your system's data source in Data management > Data sources and open the settings.
  5. Click on "Import more data," select the time period for importing, and click "Start import."

Now Plecto will reimport the data from your system, including the employees. After the import, you can go back to the employee list in Organization > Employees, and you will once again see all your employees.

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