Merge Employees

If you have duplicates of an employee, you will need to merge them in Plecto.

Last updated: July 24, 2020

If you integrate with e.g. Pipedrive and Podio we import all the active users.

If you have integrated both or maybe created some employees manually, it can happen that you have the same employees twice.

In a few steps the guide below will show you how to merge employees that figure twice or more on your employees list.

How to merge employees

Choose 'Merge with another employee' from the 'Action' menu.


Important: Please always start with the occurrence with the highest role here: Admin -> Integration user -> User (in Plecto) -> Employee

Important update for, Adversus, Salesforce and Pipedrive v3 users:

We have started to match the External User, e.g. the user in Salesforce/Adversus, on e-mail. This means that we now auto-merge users by e-mail from the following integrations:, Adversus, Salesforce and Pipedrive v3. 

How to un-merge

Did you by accident merge a user with the wrong user? If the user is managed by an external system (e.g. Pipedrive or Google Analytics), there is a solution for this! 😊

  1. Go to the user's profile (the user you started the merge with) and click 'Edit'.
  2. In the bottom of the user's profile you will see which external account(s) he/she is assigned to.
  3. Remove the connection by clicking on the red X.
  4. Go to the external system's data source in 'Data Management' > 'Data sources'.
  5. Run a re-import of the data.
  6. Go back to your employee list and you will se the employee re-appearing. 

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