Employee Profiles That Are Connected to External Systems

Learn what actions you can perform on employee profiles that are connected to external accounts.

Last updated: Aug. 9, 2022

Whenever you integrate Plecto with a system, it will establish a connection between the employee's profile in Plecto and the one in your system. If you go to Organization > Employees and look at the Data suppliers column, you'll see what systems the employees are connected to.

Organization > Employees

If you go even further and open the individual employee profiles (Actions > Edit), you can see what systems they are connected to, their external IDs, emails, and whether their profiles are managed by those systems.

Below in this article, we've listed the things you can do when an employee profile is connected to an external system (also called an external account).

Employee Managed by an Integration

If you make the integration manage the employee, then your system will be responsible for updating your employee's name and profile picture in Plecto. If an employee profile is managed by an external system, you will see a blue info box at the top of the page.

Employee - external account - make this integration manage the employee

If an employee is connected to multiple external accounts, you can move their connections to a new employee profile. If you Move [the connection] to new employee, Plecto will create a new employee profile with no login access and link it to the external account. The new profile will be managed by the external system by default.

Why is this necessary?
Sometimes, if you remove a connection (third option in the dropdown list), Plecto might reconnect the employee profile to the system along with the next automatic data import. That's because it matches the employees from different systems by their emails. Moving the connection to a new profile allows you to disconnect an employee profile in Plecto from their profile in an external system.

💡 If you move the connection to a new employee profile, run a manual data import to update your data. Here's how.

Employee - external account - move to new employee
Do you want to move the connection back to the original employee?

Don't worry, you can easily restore the previous connection by merging the new profile into the original employee profile. Read more about how to merge employees in Plecto.

When you remove a system connection, Plecto will stop associating an employee with their external account (external system such as Salesforce). The employee's existing data will remain as is.

However, if there's new data coming in from the external account, Plecto might try to reconnect the same employee based on their email or create a new employee profile, which can be useful in case you accidentally merge two employees.

💡 If you remove the connection, run a manual data import to update your data. Here's how.

Employee - external account - remove connection

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