Deactivate an Employee

A guide on how to deactivate an employee in your Plecto organization.

Last updated: Nov. 19, 2021

Once an employee leaves your organization, you can deactivate their employee profile. Deactivated employees will no longer be able to log in to Plecto.

Note: You cannot delete an employee profile in Plecto but only deactivate it. This is primarily done not to lose the data associated with the employee profile.

  • Go to Organization > Employees > [Employee Name] > Edit employee.
  • Remove teams from this profile. The employee will be removed from dashboards that use teams.
  • Click "Deactivate" in the bottom-left corner.
  • A warning message will appear. Read it carefully.
  • To proceed with the deactivation, click "Deactivate."
  • Once the employee is deactivated, you will see a confirmation message at the top of the page.

Deactivation warning message
Deactivate Employee_Warning.png

An example of an employee deactivation warning message.

Be aware: When deactivating employees, they will stay on their teams and might still appear on dashboards and reports. You have to remove the employees from all teams if you don't want their data displayed. Alternatively, you can change their employment period to depersonalize their data.

Some employees are imported to Plecto directly from an external system, for example, Pipedrive, Marketing, or others. To deactivate employees managed by an external system:

  • Go to Organization > Employees > [Employee Name] > Edit employee.
  • Click on "Manage this employee manually" in the information box at the top of the page. This will enable you to edit fields on this page.
Employee from External System.png

An example of an employee page for an employee that is managed by an external system.

  • Remove teams from this profile. The employee will be removed from dashboards that use teams.
  • Click on the red "Deactivate" button in the bottom-left of the page.

You can add or change an employee's employment period on their employee page. After the employment end date, the employee will lose access to Plecto, and their data will be depersonalized.

  • Go to Organization > Employees > [Employee Name] > Edit employee.
  • Click "Change employment period" in the top-right of the page.
  • Here you can adjust the employment start and end dates.
  • To finish, click "Save."
Change Employment Period.png

An example of the "Change employment period" window.

Note: When the employment period ends, the employee will be pseudonymized to "Former Employee 000000." The employee will no longer appear on the employee list, and you will not be able to search them by pseudonym.

Plecto will remove a deactivated employee from all notifications that are enabled for that employee.

  • If a notification is limited to specific employees and one is deactivated, Plecto will automatically remove the employee from the notification. If you reactivate the employee profile, you need to add the employee back to the notification manually.
  • If the notification is limited to teams and the deactivated employee is part of a team, no changes will apply. There will be no changes because Plecto does not automatically remove teams from the employee profile once it is deactivated.

If you want to see an employee list with both the active and deactivated employees, go to Organization > Employees, then select the "Show deactivated employees" box and click on the "Search" button. The deactivated employees will appear on the list with their names crossed out.

The "Show deactivated employees" option is a search filter and will clear once you reload the page.

Are deactivated employees still showing up on your dashboard? If so, please make sure to remove the team from the deactivated employee's profile. Read more here.

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