Create or Invite Employees to Plecto

A guide on how to create employees or invite them to your Plecto organization.

Last updated: Nov. 17, 2021

There are multiple ways of how you can add employees to your Plecto organization. You can choose to create employees manually, invite existing employees to your organization, or import them from external systems with our integrations.

Create new employees manually

You can manually add new employees to Plecto by using their email addresses, provided that an external system such as HubSpot, Salesforce, or others hasn't already created a profile for them using the same email addresses. To manually create an employee in Plecto, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Organization > Employees > + New employee.
  • Basic information: Fill in the information about your employee. If they have a manager, select the manager in this section.
  • Teams: If the employee is a member or manager of any teams in your organization, feel free to add this information here.
  • Login access: Decide what kind of access you'd like the employee to have.
    • If you select "Give login access," you will have to provide the employee's email address and select a permission profile. The employee will receive the login details on the provided email and will be able to access Plecto within their assigned permission.
    • If you deselect the "Give login access" option, you will create an employee who has no access to Plecto. Admins and managers have to create registrations on behalf of this profile.
  • To finish and create the employee, click "Save" in the bottom-right corner.
Create New Employee

An example of the "New employee" page in Plecto.

Note: If you create an employee manually, you can choose to give them no access, login access, or full administrative access to Plecto. Read more about permissions.

Invite employees to your organization

If an employee already has a profile in Plecto but is part of another organization, you can invite them to your organization. All you need is to create a new employee profile.

  • Go to Organization > Employees > + New employee.
  • Fill in the employee information.
  • Select "Give login access" and type the same email address the employee uses in their other Plecto organization.
  • Choose a permission profile.
  • To finish, click "Save" in the bottom-right corner.

Once saved, a confirmation message will appear at the top of the page, and Plecto will send an email to the provided address with an invitation link to join your organization.

Give login access to existing employees

If some employees in your organization don't have login access to Plecto, you can invite them through their email addresses. Employees with no login access might have been created manually or imported to Plecto from an external system. To give login access to an existing employee:

  • Go to Organization > Employees > [Employee Name] > Edit employee.
  • Find the section "Login access" and enter the employee's email.
  • Click the "Invite to Plecto" button.

Once you invite the employee, Plecto will send them an email with the login details and assign your organization's default permission profile.

Invite Employees, Give Login Access

To give employees login access, fill in their email and click "Invite to Plecto."

Import employees from external systems

If you integrate with an external system, Plecto will automatically create employee profiles in your organization once you import the data from your system. Plecto refers to the imported employee profiles as External Accounts. These profiles do not have a login email, and therefore, they do not have login access to Plecto.

The external account list helps you see what systems are connected to your employees and possibly send data on their behalf. You can see what external accounts your employees are connected to when editing their employee profiles.

  • Go to Organization > Employees > [Employee Name] > Edit employee.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will see all the external accounts associated with this employee.

An example of an employee profile that is managed by an external system.

Note: If you prefer to handle the employee profile in Plecto, you can choose to manage the employee manually. Click on the blue "Manage this employee manually" button at the top of their profile page.

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