Add a Profile Picture

A guide on how to add or change your profile picture in Plecto.

Last updated: Oct. 27, 2021

We call the profile pictures in Plecto avatars. Having a profile picture can help your team recognize who you are. Besides, profile photos make your Plecto dashboards look much better. 🎉

If you are an employee with standard login access, you can upload a picture on your profile. If you have admin access, you can upload both your and other employees' profile pictures.


Some of our integrations import and synchronize employee profile pictures automatically. These integrations are Salesforce, Pipedrive, Podio, and The profile photos get updated whenever Plecto receives new registrations from one of the systems.

Note: Your profile picture should be no larger than 10MB. Plecto supports the following file formats: JPG, JPEG and PNG.

  • Go to your account settings by clicking on your name in the bottom-left corner in Plecto.
  • Click on "Choose File" in the section "Personalization."
  • Select a file from your local device.
  • Click "Save."

Note: If you already have a profile picture but want to change it, repeat the steps mentioned above.

If you have admin access to Plecto, you can upload profile pictures for other employees.

  • Go to Organization > Employees > [Employee Name]Edit employee.
  • Click on "Choose File" in the section "Basic Information."
  • Select a file from your local device.
  • Click "Save" in the bottom-right corner.

Employees managed by external systems

If your employee is managed by an external system, you can upload a picture on their profile only if you enable the option to manage the employee manually. In that case, you need to click the "Manage this employee manually" button on their employee page.

Example Manage Employee Manually

You can easily remove a profile picture from your account or another employee's profile. To remove the picture, tick the "Clear" checkbox and click "Save" in the bottom-right corner.


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