Performance Agreements

The Performance Agreements provide you with a great overview of your employees and their targets on a team basis, as well as individually.

Last updated: July 24, 2020

Performance Agreements can be found under "Coaching" in the sidebar of Plecto. This is only available to team managers and cannot be viewed by team members.


An example preview of performance agreements for "Team Champ".

In order to create a performance agreement, you need to be a manager of the team you wish to create a performance agreement for.

Once you have created the agreement, it's only visible to the team managers and not the team members themselves. 

To create a performance agreement you need to follow these steps:

  • Access your performance agreements in the sidebar under the category "Coaching".
  • You can now view your team members and their individual performance agreements for each team you are a manager of.
  • To create a new performance agreement for an employee, click "New performance agreement" below their name and avatar. 
  • Fill out the team of the employee.
  • Choose what formula to track (e.g. "Salesforce Deals Value") and the target for the employee for the selected formula.
  • Choose what time period the performance agreement should use. 

The entire process of creating a performance agreement is also shown here: 

You can add multiple performance agreements to each employee using different formulas, targets or/and time periods.

In order to remove a performance agreement for an employee, you can simply press the small "x" besides the time period.


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