Setting Targets and Starred

In Reports it's possible to set targets and make selected rows starred to get a great overview of your data and visualise changes in your most important KPIs.

Last updated: July 24, 2020

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Once you've created a report and have created groups and rows displaying your KPIs and data from your integrations, you can begin customising these with targets and making selected rows starred.

Setting targets

Targets in Reports function the same way as targets on your dashboards. They're of great value when displaying how you're doing reaching your targets for different KPIs and datasets. 

You can set a target when creating a row in your report and you can add it to existing rows by clicking the edit-button right next to a row.


If you've also used targets on your dashboards, you can use them on your reports as well. Once a target has been set you can view it on the report shown with color formatting:


Starring rows

Another great way of visualizing changes in your KPIs is by starring selected rows. This will display the percentage change of your KPIs, compared to your selected time intervals, below the row.

You can mark your favorite rows when creating or editing a row by clicking the checkbox "Highlight row" also shown in one of the pictures above. This will create a great visual overview of the changes in your KPIs and show you the percentage change of the selected row.


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