Creating a Report

Creating new reports is simple and easy to do. Your reports can be accessed from the Visualization category in the sidebar.

Last updated: Dec. 28, 2020

Before being able to create new reports, you need to ensure that you have administrator privileges on your Plecto account. Your Reports can be viewed by default by all employees with login access, but only employees with administrator privileges can create and configure them.

Adding a new Report

To create your first report you need to do the following:

  • Press the green "New report"-button in the top right corner of your Reports page.
  • Enter a title for your report.
  • Configure who will be able to access the report under "Available for".

Reports will always be available and editable to administrators, but the viewing access can be limited to everyone, curtain teams or administrators only.

To limit a report to a curtain team, as well as administrators and the creator of the report, simply click "Me, admins, and ..." as shown in the picture above.

From here you can specify which teams are allowed to view the dashboard. These teams will only have viewing access, and will not be able to edit the report unless they're administrators of the organisation. 

When finished filling out title and availability, the report can be created by clicking "Confirm".

Editing a Report

Once the report has been created you can start creating the content of it. To do this, simply click the "Edit" button in the top right corner when viewing your report. This button is similar to the "Edit"-button on your dashboards and puts you in edit-mode. 


Add your first part of the report by clicking "Add group". A group can be considered as a section of your report. E.g. you can have one group for your deals, one for leads etc.

Once you've added a new group you can rename the title, and you can also specify what time intervals you want to divide your data into. By default this is set to month, but can also be set to week.

Now you can begin adding formulas to display data in your report

This is done by clicking "Add row" from where you need to fill out a title for the row and select a formula to use. Click "Save".

You can now view the first part of the report, which can be extended as much as you'd like with new rows, groups and time periods.

You can also set targets and select rows to be starred in your reports: Setting targets and starred

It's also possible to automatically generate spreadsheets and presentations based on your reports: Exporting Reports

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