An overview of Podio's data types, useful facts and tips & tricks.

Using our Podio integration it is possible to display:

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Useful facts about Podio:

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When you set up your Podio data source in Plecto, please make sure that you are an administrator in Podio, and that you have the following rights: add_hook og view_members.

Tips and tricks:

How to import App References to Plecto in order to show fields from related apps:

For now, Plecto cannot import App References. We only import the number of related items. This means that you will find only a decimal number in that field.

Let's say you have an app with customer names and another app with sales, and you will like to relate your sales to the customer's name, Plecto will only import the number of related data (1 or 1,0).

But there is a workaround to this - so do not despair 😃

You will need to create a calculation field in Podio in order to show fields from related apps.
Calculation fields can be used to easily manipulate the data added to your apps. This tool not only allows you to perform mathematical calculations on the numbers in your app, but also lets you link the values in certain fields together (like the above scenario).

How to link values in certain fields together:

1) Go to your Podio account.

  • Open your app and click on the wrench icon.
  • Click 'Modify template'.

  • Select 'Calculation field'.
  • Now write '@' and you will see a list of fields from each related app you can select. If you allow multiple related items, they will be called 'All of [field name]'.
  • Select the field from the related app you want to see, and if it says 'All of' you can append '[0]' to the end to use the first item.

2) Go to your Plecto account.

  • Go to 'Data Management' > 'Data sources'.
  • Click 'Settings' on your Podio data source.
  • Click 'Update fields', find the new field name from Podio and mark it.
  • Click on 'Import more data', and run a re-import of your data from your chosen time range.
  • View registrations, and you will now see your new field and its values in your data set.

Please note: Calculated fields being updated in Podio will not update automatically in Plecto due to the way Podio handles this field-type.

This is fixed by having another field (not calculated) update in Podio whenever the calculated field is updated triggering the update in Plecto.

Member fields in Podio and Plecto

Each line in your data source in Plecto represents an activity, which must be assigned to an employee. This is why there must always be a contact/member field in your Podio app, where you can choose which employee should be assigned to each activity.

How to add a contact/member field in Podio

  • Go to settings and click on Modify Template.

  • Add a contact/member field to your app, e.g. "Account Manager".

  • Assign an employee to each activity in Podio.

How to choose the contact field to be used as the employee in Plecto

  • Go to Settings in your data source.

  • Choose the contact field from Podio as the member in Plecto.

  • Click on "Save" at the bottom of the page.

  • Make a re-import of data to make sure that all data is updated historically.

"Podio Deleted User" as the employee in Plecto

If “Podio Deleted user” appears in your employee field in Plecto, it means that there is no member assigned to the activity in your Podio app.

To troubleshoot this, please access your Podio app, go through the activities and assign a member/employee in the contact field. After the member is assigned in the Podio app, your data in Plecto will be automatically updated.

Tip: Make the contact field a required field in Podio, so that it is always filled out.


Need more help?
Here is a guide from Podio on how to create calculation fields.