Plecto IOT

Using the Plecto IOT box we can connect your local network with Plecto, allowing us to make even more recognition when deals are closed or when there are other reasons for celebrating.

Send us an email at if you want a box. It is currently a beta feature and there is a small one-time fee to receive the IOT box.


Sonos is a great wireless speaker system that is gaining popularity in businesses fast. Their easy and fast setup makes it a great companion to Plecto.

Currently you can do the following with our IOT Sonos Integration:

  • Play sound on a specific speaker
  • Play sound on a group of speakers

The volume is calculated automatically, with the option to override it.

When you have the Plecto device please follow the following steps to connect it to your Sonos speakers:

  • Connect to power and plug in the Plecto IOT device to the network.
  • Connect to power and plug in the SONOS speaker or bridge to the same network as the Plecto device.
  • Go to, and go to 'Gamifications' > 'Notifications' > Select 'Play on Sonos' in the bottom of the page
  • Your speakers should appear in the dropdown

Phillips Hue

Phillips Hue allows you to use your existing lamps but convert them to be smart lamps. By connecting Plecto with Phillips Hue you can change the color of the light depending on how your are performing.

Currently you can do the following with our IOT Phillips Hue Integration:

  • Permanently change the color of a light
  • Flash a light in a color

See here how to set up Philips Hue with Plecto.