My Notification does not work - why?

This checklist will help you to find out why the notification is not working.

You have set up a notification but it does not work. What to do? Don't worry - we've got you covered!

There are a couple of things you can easily check yourself to figure out why it does not work. They are the following:

  • Destination slideshow: Please make sure you have sent the notification to a slideshow. Notifications only trigger on slideshow, so please make sure you've selected one in the drop down menu 'Destination slideshow'.
  • Teams/Employees: Please make sure you have enabled the notification for the right team(s) or employee(s). If you've enabled the notification for a team, please make sure the employees are assigned to this team.
  • Enabled from date: 'Enabled from this date' will use the date field you have selected as "Default date used in formulas" on the data source. Make sure this is aligned - e.g. if you want to display notifications based on close date, make sure it is not set as created date in which case the created date might be before your 'Enabled from this date'. Read more here.
  • Log of triggered events: You can check which notifications recently triggered and see the details of them in the top right corner of the notification.
  • Test your device's capabilities: Test your TV's capabilities to display Plecto slideshows and dashboards on this link: To test the capabilities simply open the link in the browser of your TV.