Month To Date Target

How to create a formula that shows the daily progress in reaching a target.

Use the speedometer to show the daily progress in reaching a target

Scenario: This example shows that your team needs to reach a target value of $10,000 this month.
Having your monthly target shown in the start of the month may seem a little overwhelming and incomprehensible:

But if the widget is used to show the daily progress instead of monthly, you will create a much better overview for your employees.

In the advanced formula editor, you can create the following formula to find the daily progress.

Formula based on working days (Monday to Friday):

Please remember to edit the target to reflect the name of your data source and field name.



Your target will increase day by day. At the end of the month your target will reach 10,000. This gives you a much more comprehensible and manageable overview throughout the month.

The example below shows monthly Sales vs. Target the 29th of May 2018 based on working days (Monay to Friday):

Hover the mouse on the target value and you will see the calculation: 10000 * (21/23), i.e. 21 days passed divided by total network days this month. 


Daily progress - hour per hour:

Scenario: Your company has a daily budget. Since the budget won't be reached until the late in the day, the speedometer will show red most of the day. Some people don't find it motivating to "be behind", so it can be a good idea to show it hour per hour.

In the advanced formula editor, you can write it like this:

Explanation. 5 is the number of sales you want to reach per hour.
8 and 17 in the If statement are the opening hours.

Tips & Tricks:

Use conditional colors on the speedometer widget to see how far you are in reaching the goal.

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