Automatically Created KPIs

An introduction to automatically created KPIs in Plecto.

Last updated: Sept. 16, 2021

What are automatically created KPIs?

When connecting to a system, Plecto automatically creates a quantity formula that counts the number of registrations in a data source. We call this quantity formula an automatically created KPI.

When you select a formula, for example, on a dashboard widget, the automatically created KPIs will be part of the KPI drop-down list as "Number of [data source name]."

Automatically Created KPIs.png

An example of a KPI list with automatically created KPIs highlighted.

The automatically created KPIs are basic quantity formulas that use the Count data function:


The automatically created KPIs are included in the KPI drop-down list in all of our features, but they are not part of the formula list under KPI management > Formulas in Plecto. It is also not possible to edit the automatically created KPIs. If you want to reuse the formula, you will have to create a new one using the Count function as shown above.

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