Default Date Used in Formulas

Learn about the default date fields in Plecto.

Last updated: Oct. 5, 2021

When you build formulas in Plecto, the default date serves as a point of reference that tells Plecto how to work with your data. The default date determines what date field from your data source is used as the base when filtering by date (selecting time periods) on your widgets.


Say you have a data source with two date fields: "Created date" and "Closed date." You created 25 deals last week but closed 10 of those deals today. Now you create a formula that counts the number of deals, and you add it to a widget with the time period set to "Current day."

  • If the default date in your formula is "Created date," you will see 0 deals on the widget because you haven't created any deals today.
  • If the default date in your formula is "Closed date," you will see 10 deals because you closed ten deals today.

The default date is an essential part of your formulas as it determines what data is displayed on widgets, reports, notifications, or other places where formulas and time periods are used.

Depending on what data sources you work with (integrations or manual data sources), there are different possibilities for changing the default date settings.

  • If you use integrations, the default date field depends on your system. You can change the default date in the integration data source settings or the advanced settings when connecting Plecto to a new system.
  • If you use manual data sources, the default date is usually the "Created date," and you cannot change it. A good workaround is to apply a date modifier to your formula. Learn more about Date & History modifiers.

Be aware: Date and history modifiers can be applied to any formula, regardless if it is using data from an integration or manual data source.

To change the default date in integration data sources:
  • Go to Data management > Data sources and open your data source settings.
  • Look for a field called "Default date used in formulas." You should be able to change the default date by selecting a different field from the drop-down list.
  • Click "Save" in the bottom-right to save changes.

An example of the "Default date used in formulas" field in integration data source settings.

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