Year to Date Index

How to setup a formula that returns a Year to date Index on revenue

Last updated: Sept. 24, 2021

Scenario: You are in September and you would like to visualise the current Index of the year, based on your revenue. This would be done to see how you are doing so far this year, compared to the revenue from the previous year.

  • Please change ‘Sales’ to the datasource you would like Plecto to collect the data from, in regards to revenue.
  • Please change ’Value’ to the field in your selected datasource where Plecto should sum up the amounts
  • Please set the number formatting to 'Percentage' - This is done in the formula editor.
  • Please set the time period on the widget to ‘Current Year’ - This is done on the dashboard when you select your chosen widget's settings.

The history modifier makes sure that the historical data from 1 year back is included. This means that when the time period on the widget is set for 'Current Year' then Plecto will return the data from January 1st to December 31st the previous year.

The formula you just created will now return the total sum of your revenue and then divide this number with the sum of your revenue from your previous year.

This formula should output a percentage on your desired widget that will let you know how you’re doing in regards to your revenue compared to last year. When the widget shows anything below 100% the performance is less than last year, and anything above 100% is an improvement since last year.

A number-box or a speedometer. The speedometer is especially nice to display an index number with since you can you use the conditional colours to display the progress.

But this formula can also be used in a table-widget for showing the index from each employee if that’s what you desire to achieve with the formula.


This is the Speedometer widget showing the Year to Date Index


This is the Numberbox widget showing the Year to Date Index

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