Define Your Custom Workdays

How to start the work week on another day than Monday, set up custom NetWorkDays and create a formula for daily targets.

Last updated: April 13, 2022

Does your work week start on Sunday and end on Thursday? Do you work on Mondays but not on Tuesdays? If so, you can adjust the time period on your widget or use a parameter in the formula that allows you to define custom workdays (NetWorkDays), free days, and weekends.

What to do if your work week starts on Saturday? If you're displaying your KPIs for the current week, you can choose what day your week begins in the "Advanced" section when selecting a time period. The widget will then display data from Saturday to Friday instead of Monday to Sunday.

Current Week Starts Saturday Time Period.png

An example of a time period that displays the current week starting on Saturday.

Plecto allows you to type in an optional parameter [weekend] in the advanced formula editor that defines which days of the week should be considered working days, and which are free.
Take a look at the syntax below:



For example, you are working from Monday to Friday, and Saturday and Sunday are free. The way to define that in the formula would be:


This custom parameter requires a combination of 7 digits, one digit per weekday:

  • 0 represents a workday
  • 1 represents a day free from work

The typing order in the formula starts from Monday to Sunday. Therefore, you have to type in 0 or 1 until you have a combination of 7 digits.

Be aware: The syntax will only be accepted in the advanced formula editor if it contains 7 digits of 1, 0, or both. Look at the examples below to help you understand how to type the numbers in your formula.

Examples of custom NetWorkDays
  • You work every day except Monday and Sunday.
    This is how it would look:
  • You work only on Wednesdays.
    This is how the syntax would look like:
  • Do you want to count all days of the week as workdays?
    Then your formula would look like this:

Note: If your work is based on custom NetWorkDays and the workweek starts on another day than Monday, make sure to adjust both your formula and the time period on the widget!

The custom NetWorkDays are often included in formulas to see on a day-to-day basis how close you are to reaching the monthly target. Custom NetWorkDays allows you to make precise calculations and easily tell if you are ahead of or falling behind your targets, and therefore act immediately.

Let's look at an example of how to create the daily target formula.

First, you need to know how many days of the month you are working - the number of days excludes weekends and holidays. Imagine you are based in the US, and your weekends are on Fridays and Saturdays.

All you need to do is create a formula where the monthly target is divided by the number of working days. It would look like the following:

    Last(Monthly target,Amount) /
        NetWorkDays(StartDate(),EndDate(),0000110) -

The formula will take your monthly target and divide it by the number of workdays. With custom NetWorkDays, as per this example, Plecto will leave out all Fridays and Saturdays from the calculations as they are written as free from work in the formula. It will also exclude the US public holidays.

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