Introduction to Reports

Reports is a great tool that allows you to dig much deeper into your data and display all your KPI's on a single page, creating a complete overview of your business.

Reports can be found under "Visualisation" in the sidebar below "Themes".

From this page it's possible to view or create reports depending on your permissions within your organisations. 

Some reports may be hidden, as they can be limited to selected teams and administrators. 


Get started using Reports

It's really easy to setup your reports as they're using the same formulas that you're using on your dashboards. The creation and configuration of your reports is described in this support article: Creating a Report

It is also possible to create targets and promote selected rows of your KPI's when using Reports: Setting targets and starred

Once you've created your reports, you can export them as automatically generated spreadsheets and presentations, providing you with a quick overview of your most important KPIs and data: Exporting Reports