Introduction to Notifications

Using notifications you can make several actions executive automatically once certain criterias become true. Imagine the following scenarios:

Case 1: Whenever your sales rep closes a deal as won

  • Show the rep on TV screens around the office
  • Send an email to the rep's team leader
  • Send a push notification to everyone on the same team as the rep

Case 2: Whenever you reach your sales target

  • Send a message to the CEO
  • Show on all TVs in the office

How to setup notifications

First, select whether you want to base your notification on an individual thing happening, such as a deal being won (case 1) or the result of a calculation, such as reaching the target (target - sales, case 2).

Case 1: Select "A new or updated registration"

Case 2: Select "The result of a formula"

Remember to select "Limit notification" and select the time period you want to limit this formula to include data for - e.g. month for monthly sales target. If you do not select this, the actions will run every time your data changes and you have reached your target.

Now select a data source for case 1 or a formula for case 2. If you don't want any data or result to cause the notification to trigger, you can click "Add filter" to seek out the specific values you are looking for. E.g. if you have deals/opportunities you could make a filter for:

Status = Closed Won


Formula result > 10000


Now we need to limit when the notification will be sent. For instance, for case 1 we don't want to send notifications for deals won last month, if we receive them again.

Fill out "Enabled from this date" with the latest date for which you do not want the notification to send actions. Let's say for case 1, you enable the notification today then you most likely want to set it to your current date and time to avoid "old" deals to trigger the notification.

 "Enabled from this date" will use the date field you have selected as "Default date used in formulas" on the data source. Make sure this is aligned - e.g. if you want to display notifications based on close date, make sure it is not set as created date in which case the created date might be before your "Enabled from this date".

Finally, make sure to fill out "Enabled for teams". For case 1, as we will only send out notifications for people member of the team defined in "Enabled for teams". For case 2 this will decide who is included when calculating the formula. E.g. if you set the team to Sales Team 1, only their sales would be taken into consideration when figuring out if the monthly target has been reached.


Click the actions to decide what should happen once the notification is ready to trigger!

Tip: Most places where you can write text, you can use placeholders to insert the actual data triggering the notification. Click the "?" icon to find out what available placeholders you have in each case. These will of course change depending on the data source or formula you select in step 1.


Will a notification ever trigger more than one time on the same data?
No, the first time we trigger the notification we block it from being sent again, if you use case 1 from above. This means that it's a perfect fit if you e.g. want to display a notification once you sell something. You would make it trigger when a deal/opportunity goes into the stage closed won and if it for any reason by mistake is moved back and forth it will not trigger again.

Can I enable a notification for all teams without selecting them?
No, you must explicitly include every team that this notification is enabled for using the field "Enabled for teams"

The notification does not appear on my TV/mobile/etc
You can see a log of the last five notifications we sent at the bottom of the page (below actions). If we sent it, it is most likely a configuration issue on the client (TV/mobile/etc).

I would like the filter to be either A or B - is that possible?
Unfortunately not at the moment - you would need to create two separate notifications. This might not always be the right solution - please get in touch with us if you experience this situation.