Introduction to Employees

What is Admin, User and Employee?

Employees (also known as "organization members") are central in Plecto. Every information in Plecto is attached to an employee and optionally a team.

Employees in Plecto have different statuses:

  • Admin: Admins overrule all. They manage users and employees, and they have full access to all dashboards, data sources, formulas and settings:

What the frontpage looks like for an Admin.

  • User: Users can log in to Plecto, and they have access to dashboards (that are not limited) and registration boxes.

What the frontpage looks like for a User.

  • Employee: Employees cannot log in to Plecto. They are managed by an external data supplier, e.g. Pipedrive or Podio.

Do you want employees to be able to log in to Plecto? Invite them to Plecto with an e-mail.