An overview of Intercom's data types and useful facts.

Using our Intercom integration it is possible to display:

  • Conversations
  • Ratings

Useful facts about Intercom:

Update Frequency:
Every 15 mins

Supports Custom Fields?

What is possible to display with our Intercom integration:

You can measure some of the following KPIs with our Intercom integration:

  • Number of tickets (open, closed, snoozed)
  • Avg. reply time
  • Avg. resolution time
  • Unanswered tickets
  • Oldest unanswered ticket 

These KPIs can be tracked in total for your team or per agent. You control what, how and where your data is displayed. Fully customize your Plecto dashboards with a growing list of widgets.

It is also possible to import tags from Intercom, allowing you to create even more detailed KPIs based on your conversations in Intercom.


Do you need inspiration for your Intercom dashboard? Feel free to read this blog post about it or download a prebuilt dashboard here