How do I create Targets for each of my Employees in Plecto?

How do I create targets for each of my employees in Plecto?

You might wish to create a target for each of your employees, e.g. monthly sales targets, and visualize on your dashboard how they are doing in reaching this target. 

To create a target per employee, you'll need to create a custom input data source:

  • Go to Data sources > New data source > Sales target:

  • Click on the data source, and click New in the top right corner:

  • Select the employee in the drop down list.
  • Set the created date, e.g. May 1st, 2019 (this will be the target for May for that specific employee)
  • Add the target value.

Upload the targets per employee, and you'll end up with a list looking like this: 

How to display sales targets on a dashboard

Now you can go to your dashboard and add the target values per employee.

  • Add a table widget grouped by employee
  • Add a column and create a formula to sum the Sales target values: 

  • The formula will look like this:

  • Remember to set the time period to current month, if they are monthly sales targets: 

  • Click save.
  • You will now have a table widget looking like this:

  • You can combine the sales target with the actual value they closed so far this month by adding another column and adding a formula to return the sales value: 

  • The formula will look like this: 

  • And you'll now have a table widget like this: 

How to visualise the monthly target percentages

You can now make a calculation in Plecto to visualise how far each of the sales reps are to reaching the own target: 

  • Please note that I am using Formula as my lookup method.
  • I have now made a calculation of their sales value divided by their sales target.
  • Instead of multiplying it by 100, you can set the Number formatting to Percent.

The result is this widget 👏:

You can use conditional colours on the % reach formula by looking up your formula in KPI Management in Plecto, and set Conditional colours: