How do I change the Billing Details of my Account?

A guide on changing the billing details of your account.

You can change the billing details of your account from the "Settings and billing"-page, which is found under "Organization" in the sidebar. 

The billing details can be changed under the "Billing"-section of this page. From here, it is possible to change the organization name, address, VAT-number and billing e-mail. You can also choose who should be your technical and legal contact.

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Plecto also allows you to change who should receive e-mail notifications regarding billing, technical or legal matters:

  • Billing e-mail: Will receive all invoices.
  • Technical contacts: Will receive e-mail notifications if there should be any technical incident that requires your attention. This could be if a data source has been disabled and stopped importing data.
  • Legal contacts: Will receive e-mail notifications regarding failed payments and other matters that requires your attention related to your payments, billings and legal matters. 

Please note that all technical and legal e-mails will be forwarded to the administrators of your account if you haven't chosen any specific technical or legal contacts.