An overview of HeroBase's Data Types, Useful Facts and Tips & Tricks.

Using our HeroBase integration it is possible to display:

  • Calls
  • Leads

Useful facts about HeroBase:

Update frequency:
Every 1 min

Supports custom fields?

Supports deleted registrations?

Used as member field:
Calls: User
Leads: firstProcessedByUser/lastModifiedByUser

How to get access to the HeroBase API

To get access to the HeroBase API, you need to order a web service login from HeroBase through their support: support@herobase.com 

When you receive the login, they will also create a so-called UI user which you'll need to log in as and create a lead export view. This User is called API Plecto.

1. Change the user

Go to 'Organization', and log in with the UI user (Api Plecto):


2. Create or edit the export view 

Navigate to 'Leads' > 'Lead Admin' to create or edit the export view (api_import_export)

Please note: Make sure you are logged in as the API Plecto user when you want to create or edit the lead export view. It is crucial that the reports and campaigns are marked in the api_import_export view - otherwise Plecto will not be able to import the leads. 

3. Install Hero Leads in Plecto

Go back to Plecto and connect as per below description.

  1. Install Hero Leads in Plecto
  2. Write the name of the report in the export search name: api_import_export, and Plecto will import all leads and statuses from this report
  3. Use the project name as the team in Plecto. This will help you automatically identify the users working on this project, and assign them to the team.

Custom fields in HeroBase: 

If you have created any custom fields in HeroBase that you want to use in Plecto, select them under 'Lead statuses and results' when editing the api_import_export view. Please make sure you are logged in as the API Plecto user.   

Please notice:
Every time you add a new field in the "HeroBase report" it will be added as disabled in the data source after the next import. If you need to use a field as a number in Plecto you need to contact Plecto support to change the type of field because HeroBase currently do not support the concept of field types. 
Plecto will not automatically delete fields that have been removed from the "HeroBase report", but you can always contact support if you want some fields removed: support@plecto.com 👍