5. Invite Your Staff

Learn how to invite employees to your organization and get the most out of Plecto.

Last updated: Jan. 21, 2022

Invite your employees to Plecto and let them see the performance dashboards, add manual registrations, use the mobile app, and much more.

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How does it work?

The very first step you completed was connecting your systems. Once Plecto receives data from a system, it creates new employees in your Plecto organization based on the received data. These employees are managed by your system and don't have login access to Plecto. To give your employees login access, you need to invite them to your Plecto organization.

Invite your employees

  1. Go to Organization > Employees. If you previously connected Plecto to an external system, you will possibly see a list of employees that don't have login access to Plecto.
  2. Click Actions > Edit on the right of an employee row.
  3. Enter the employee's work email under "Login Access."
  4. Click "Invite to Plecto." The employee will receive an email and will have to set a password for their account. Once they log in, they will have the default permission profile of your organization.
Invite Employee to Plecto

Note: Employees can be part of multiple Plecto organizations. To invite an employee to your organization, create a new employee profile manually and enter the email address they're using for Plecto. The employee will receive an invitation to join your organization on their email.

Create new employees manually

You can also create new employees manually in Plecto.

  1. Go to OrganizationEmployees > + New employee.
  2. Fill out their personal and team information.
  3. Make sure the "Give login access" checkbox is enabled.
  4. Enter the employee's work email and select a permission profile under "Login Access." You can choose what kind of access your employees get by assigning them to a permission profile. Learn more about permissions.
  5. Click "Save" to create the employee. They will receive an email with the login details.

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