2. Build Your First Dashboard

Learn how to build your first real-time dashboard in Plecto.

Last updated: July 1, 2022

In the previous step, you connected your systems to Plecto. Now, it's time to build your first dashboard and reach the business goals by tracking your KPIs in real time.

Dashboard - Leads and Opportunities
Install ready-made dashboards

We have prepared a list of ready-made dashboards that are free for you to install. Visit the Plecto Store and see if there's something you like.

Create a dashboard

  1. Go to Visualization > Dashboards+ New dashboard.
  2. Give your dashboard a title.
  3. Select a different theme and a parent dashboard (optional).
  4. Click Advanced settings if you want to create a dashboard based on specific teams, limit access, or allow managers to edit the dashboard. Learn more in Create a Dashboard.
  5. Click Save to finish and create the dashboard.
Create New Dashboard

You have now created a blank dashboard that is ready to visualize your metrics on a variety of widgets. Go to the next step and learn how to create fully customized KPIs that match your business needs.

Step 3: Add widgets and create your custom KPIs. 📊

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