What Is the Difference Between a Dashboard and a Slideshow?

Last updated: Aug. 18, 2022

In Plecto, a dashboard is a performance visualization tool that allows you to add different widgets and KPIs. You can move and edit the widgets, change the dashboard layout or theme, add text, images, and so much more. Think of dashboards as a canvas for visualizing your KPIs. 🎨

A slideshow allows you to show your Plecto dashboards on TV screens. With slideshows, you can combine dashboards, contests, YouTube videos, and other media - all in one place - just like a photo album. Whatever you add to a slideshow will automatically rotate on your TV screen throughout the day.

Slideshows have customizable timelines and slide duration - you can easily choose what time of the day you want to show a specific slide and how long it should be displayed before it switches to the next one.


Only Plecto slideshows display notifications. Set up custom notifications that trigger on your slideshows, mobile, or elsewhere every time an employee reaches a milestone like closing a sale or meets their targets.

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