How to Change a Display Name in Plecto

Learn how to change the display name in Plecto.

Last updated: Feb. 9, 2022


In this example, Dave is the display name of David Howard.

A display name is how your name appears in Plecto - on dashboards, slideshows, contests, and anywhere where employees are listed. Your display name will only apply to the organization in which you set it. If you are part of multiple organizations, you can choose a different display name in each of them.

Want to change your name across all organizations?

If you change your name in the account settings, the changes will apply across all organizations. To access the account settings, follow this link or click on your name in the bottom-left corner in Plecto.

  1. Go to Organization > Employees.
  2. Find the employee whose display name you want to change, then click Actions > Edit on the right.
  3. Find the field "Display Name" and enter the preferred name.
  4. Click "Save" in the bottom right.
Permission required

Only Global Admins or employees with access to Create & edit the Employees and Teams feature can change display names in their Plecto organization. If you don't have access to change your display name, please ask an admin in your organization to help you. Learn more in Introduction to Permissions.

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