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Last updated: May 8, 2023

Security has always been the top priority for Plecto. Therefore, we have taken a number of initiatives to improve security:

  • Only the absolute required staff from Plecto has access to customer data.
  • Customer data and metadata are stored separately – this is considered best practice and the way most governments store social security numbers safely.
  • All of our databases are encrypted.
  • We run in some of the most secure data centers in the world – Amazon's data center in Ireland.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions about the security of our platform.

If you want to report a security incident, please send it to and encrypt it with this GPG key.

Plecto always fetch data using these public IP addresses. If you're using SQL Import you should configure your firewall to only allow traffic from these sources:


If you have an SQL import data source in Plecto, please make sure you match the following criteria:

  1. Read-only access to the tables, as you query in your SQL statement.
  2. Whitelist for our public IP addresses.
  3. You have limited your SQL statement to only contain the newest necessary data.

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