Pricing and Licenses

A description of Plecto's licensing system and how many licenses you should include in your subscription.

Last updated: Oct. 12, 2020


Plecto's subscription plans are license-based, which means that you should regularly be adjusting the number of licenses included in your subscription based on how many employees you are tracking.

You should have the same number of licenses as the maximum number of employees you are tracking data for on a single day during the current month.

Plecto will not automatically adjust the number of licenses included in your subscription. We trust that you do this yourself, depending on your requirements.

There is a minimum number of required licenses depending on your subscription plan. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Tracked employees

A tracked employee you should consider as an employee that is the member of registration in Plecto:


For the registration shown in the example above, the employee "Curtis Miller" will count as one tracked employee from the date of the registration: "2019-10-21". If you are tracking five other employees on the same day, then you would need six licenses in total.

Please note: Marketing, financial, and development data only requires one license each. A single employee named "Marketing," "E-conomic", "Gitlab," etcetera would automatically be assigned all the data.

Please see the bottom of the article for more examples of tracking employees and licenses.

How many employees are you tracking right now?

You can always view the maximum number of employees you have been tracking at one day during the current month or last month. This information is found on the 'Settings and billing'- page, which is located under 'Organization' in the sidebar. 

The number of tracked employees for the current month and last month is shown under the 'Security, usage & limits'-section.


The number of employees tracked for the current month should always be the same as the number of licenses included in your subscription. 

Be aware that a warning message will be shown if the number of employees tracked for the current month exceeds the number of licenses included in your subscription.

Examples of tracking employees and licenses

  • You have five agents that you are tracking calls for every day.
    • This would require five licenses.
  • You have a team of 10 agents for whom you would like to track data. Only five agents are at work every day, so they would never dial more than five agents every day.
    • This would require five licenses, as you would track a maximum of five employees per day. 
    • This also means that you can track all 10 agents on the "same" five licenses, as you are only tracking five agents every day at maximum.
  • You have a team of five agents that are sending data to Plecto every day and two administrators that aren't sending any data to Plecto.
    • This would require five licenses as you do not need a license for users or administrators that are not being tracked in Plecto.

How to see who your tracked employees are:

It is possible to create a table widget, where you can see who specifically is a tracked employee.
We recommend that you create this table on a new dashboard.

You need to create a simply count formula with no filters on for each data source you have. You then need to add these together.
For example if you have these data sources :

  • Adversus Appointments
  • Adversus Calls
  • Adversus Sales
  • Fenerum Activities
  • Hubspot Deals

Then your formula should look like this:

Tracked employees

Then you need to add a Table widget to your dashboard, and add the formula you made.

The time period on your widget needs to be set to "Current month" to see how many tracked employees you have this month.

The table will also show any deactivated employees who have data for the current month - You do not pay a license for a deactivated employee.
To avoid seeing these deactivated employees, you can create a team with all your active employees, and add this team to your table.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I change the number of licenses included in my subscription?
  • How do I remove the warning message that prompts me to increase the number of licenses in my subscription?
    • This can be done by increasing the number of licenses included in your subscription to the number of licenses you are currently tracking in Plecto.
    • Please contact our support team for additional assistance with this.
  • Where can I see the price of each license and my current subscription?
    • If you are already a customer, then you can view the price of your current subscription and licenses from your 'Settings and billing'-page. 
    • If you are not yet a customer, then you should contact our sales team for more information.
  • Do I have to buy a license for employees that are only viewing my dashboards?
    • Employees with login access and administrators are free of charge, provided that they are not being tracked in any data source, which means that they should not be associated with any data in Plecto.
    • You should only purchase licenses for the employees you wish to track on your dashboards and reports.

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