Pricing and Licenses

A description of Plecto's licensing system and how many licenses you should include in your subscription.

Last updated: Sept. 19, 2022

Pricing page

Visit Plecto's pricing page to see the list of features included in each of the subscription plans. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send an email to our sales team.

Plecto's subscription plans are license-based. One active employee or system that sends data to Plecto counts as one license. You should have the same number of licenses as the highest number of active employees during the month. There's a minimum number of licenses for each subscription plan. Please contact our sales team to learn more.

For example, imagine you tracked data for 8 active employees today, 14 employees yesterday, and 10 employees last week. If 14 ends up being the highest number of tracked employees for that month, that's how many licenses you need to buy (14).

Settings - Employees Tracked This Month
Adjust the number of licenses manually

You have to manually change the number of licenses – it won't change automatically depending on the highest number of tracked employees. You will see a warning message if the number of tracked employees exceeds the number of licenses included in your subscription.

A tracked employee is an employee who is linked to a registration in one of your data sources in Plecto – it can be a physical person or a system such as Google Ads. Think of the employee as the "owner" of the registration.

Data Source Example - Deals
Some exemptions

Some integrations don't give information about the employees. Therefore, it can be that only one "employee" is linked to all the registrations. It mostly occurs with marketing, finance, and development integrations where a single employee called Marketing, E-conomic, GitLab, etc. would automatically be assigned to all data.

  • You have 30 employees that you are tracking data for every day = You need 30 licenses.
  • You have a team of 40 call agents, but only 25 agents are at work on a single day = You need 25 licenses, as you are tracking a maximum of 25 employees per day. It also means that you can track all 40 agents on the same 25 licenses.
  • You have 100 employees that are sending data to Plecto every day, and 5 administrators that aren't sending any data to Plecto. = You need 100 licenses, as you do not need a license for users or admins that are not being tracked in Plecto.

You can see the number of your tracked employees and the list of names both on the Settings page and on the Billing page in Plecto. The number of employees tracked for this month should always be the same as the number of licenses included in your subscription. 

  1. Go to Organization > Billing.
  2. Find the section License usage and click on the green info button on the right of the tracked number.
Billing Page
  1. Go to Organization > Settings.
  2. Find the section Security, Usage & Limits and click on the green info button on the right of the tracked number.
Settings - Security, Usage & Limits
  • How do I change the number of licenses included in my subscription?

Go to Organization > BillingChange subscription or upgrade. For more help, read our article on how to change or upgrade your subscription.

  • How do I remove the warning message that prompts me to increase the number of licenses in my subscription?

If the number of licenses you are currently tracking in Plecto exceeds the number of licenses included in your subscription, you should upgrade your subscription. Please contact our support team in case you need additional help.

  • Where can I see the price of each license and my current subscription?

If you are an existing customer, you can view the price for your current subscription and licenses under Organization > Billing. If you are not a customer, you should contact our sales team for more information.

  • Do I have to buy a license for employees that are only viewing my dashboards?

Admins and employees with login access can view the dashboards free of charge, provided that they are not being tracked in any data source. It means that they shouldn't be sending any data to Plecto. You should only get licenses for the employees you want to track.

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