How Do I Redeem a Podio Premium Voucher in Plecto?

Learn how to redeem your Podio Premium voucher and get six months of Plecto for free.

Last updated: Dec. 20, 2021

If you have Podio Premium, you can get a voucher to use Plecto for free for 6 months. The voucher applies to our Medium plan and can be used to track up to 10 employees (10 licenses).

To access the voucher, open Podio and follow the steps below:

  • Click on your profile icon in the top-right.
  • Select "Extension Voucher offer."
Podio - Account Extension Voucher
  • You should now see the option to redeem your voucher. Click "Redeem voucher," and you will proceed to create a new organization in Plecto.
Podio Premium Voucher.png

Note: If you don't have Podio Premium, you will see the option to upgrade after you open the "Extension Voucher offer" page.

Already have a Plecto organization?

If you've already signed up for a trial in Plecto and have Global Admin permission, you can use your credentials to redeem the Podio voucher. All you need is to integrate your Podio account to Plecto (here's a help guide) and redeem your voucher from this page.

Visit our Podio integration page to see the technical details on the available data types, such as the update frequency, custom field support, and more.

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