How do I get started using Plecto?

This quick tutorial will show you how to get started with Plecto.

Last updated: April 12, 2021

First of all, you will need to import your data to Plecto. You do this in 'Data Management' > 'Data sources'. Import your data from our integration list (Pipedrive, Podio etc.).

Once your data is imported to Plecto, you are ready to visualize your KPIs on a dashboard.

Create a new dashboard in 'Visualization' > 'Dashboards' > 'New dashboard'. Edit your dashboard, and add a widget.

In order to visualize your KPIs on your dashboard, you'll need to create formulas. You can do this in 'KPI management' or directly from the dashboard when editing a widget.

This video shows you how to create formulas when editing a widget - here we have chosen a table:

How to do it

  1. Click 'Edit' on your dashboard
  2. Select a widget from the 'Add widget' section
  3. Drag and drop in order to customize the size of your widget
  4. Create a formula clicking 'New formula', or click 'Edit formula' if you already have created some formulas
  5. Create your formula and click save
  6. Title your widget
  7. Remember to select the time period; current day, week, month or year - or something else?

The table can be grouped by user or team. Simply create one formula for each value, and display it in a table. Instead of creating a formula for each employee to display in e.g. a number box, a table is an ideal way of visualizing individual numbers for your employees.

Are you not getting any numbers on your dashboard? 
Please advise our troubleshooter article here.

More about formulas: 
Click here to read our tutorial on how to create formulas.

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