Send a Slack Notification

A guide on how to create a notification in Plecto that sends a message in Slack.

Last updated: March 15, 2022

Permission required

Only Global Admins and employees with access to the Notifications feature can create and manage notifications in Plecto. Learn more in Introduction to Permissions.

Celebrate your success and create a notification in Plecto that instantly sends a message in Slack whenever the notification triggers. Here's how to create a notification that sends a message in Slack:

  1. Go to Gamification > Notifications > + New notification and set up a notification.
    For more help, go to Notification based on a new or updated registration or Notification based on the result of a formula.
  2. Select Send a Slack notification as your notification action.
    1. Add your credentials. If no credentials are available, create new by clicking the + button.
    2. Enter the channel name in the field Room. Don't use the hash (#).
    3. (Optional) Add custom text to your Slack message.
  3. Click Save to finish and create the notification.
Slack_Notification Action.png

An example of adding Slack as a notification action in Plecto notifications.

Tip – Add variables

Feel free to add variables, for example {{ name }} or {{ members }}, in the text field. Adding variables means that Plecto will send actual data from the data source, such as who triggered the notification, how big the sale was, and so on. Click on the question mark icon to see the available variables.

  1. Open Slack and invite Plecto to a channel. To invite, type @plecto in the message field and select Plecto [APP]. Send the message to the channel.
Invite Plecto to Slack.png

An example of inviting Plecto to a channel in Slack.

2. Click Add to Channel.

Invite Plecto to Slack 2.png

An example of a pop-up dialog in Slack.

You have now created a notification in Plecto that will send a message in Slack whenever it triggers! 🎉

You can also send a GIF to your channels in Slack whenever a notification triggers in Plecto. All you have to do is find a URL to a GIF and add it in the notification action's text box. For example, go to Giphy, find a GIF that you like, and copy the link to it.

Add GIF to Slack Notification.png

An example of where to add the GIF URL when setting up a notification action in Plecto.

Plecto Notification Slack.png

An example of a notification message in Slack sent from Plecto.

Tip – Sign in to Slack before you create the notification in Plecto

To add your Slack credentials and connect your Slack account to Plecto more easily, we suggest signing in to your Slack account from your web browser before you create the notification in Plecto.

  1. Click on the + button on the right of the credentials field. A new window will open.
Connect Slack Credentials 0.png

An example of the Slack notification action options with the + button highlighted.

2. Plecto will ask you to connect it to your Slack account. To continue, click "Next."

Connect Slack Credentials 1.png

An example of "Connect your Slack account to Plecto" page.

3. If you are logged into your Slack account, Plecto will ask for permission to access your workspace. To grant permission, click on the "Allow" button.

Connect Slack Credentials 2.png

An example of a Slack authorization page that grants Plecto permission to access a workspace.

4. After authorizing Plecto to access your Slack workspace, the website will redirect you back to the notification editor, where you will see your Slack credentials.

Connect Slack Credentials 3.png

An example of the credentials field now having Slack account credentials.

Read more: Notification actions in Plecto.

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