Send a Microsoft Teams Notification

A guide on how to create a notification that posts messages on your Microsoft Teams activity feed whenever it gets triggered.

Last updated: Sept. 15, 2022

Permission required

Only Global Admins and employees with access to the Notifications feature can create and manage notifications in Plecto. Learn more in Introduction to Permissions.

Automate team updates and get notified in your Microsoft Teams feed whenever someone triggers a notification in Plecto. You can add custom text to the notification and include dynamic values to see the exact numbers that triggered the notification.

Microsoft Teams - Notification in the channel

To send a notification to Microsoft Teams, you can either create a new notification or add a notification action to an existing notification.

  1. Go to Gamification > Notifications and set up a new notification or open an existing one.
    For more help creating notifications, go to Notifications Based on a New or Updated Registration or Notifications Based on the Result of a Formula.
  2. Add Microsoft Teams to the notification actions.
  3. Select credentials. If you don't have credentials yet, click the plus icon ➕ to create new credentials. You'll have to log in to your MS Teams account and give Plecto permission to access your data.
MS Teams - Notification action

4. Add your team name, for example Mark 8 Project Team. The team name is case-sensitive, so you should type it the same way as it appears in Teams.
5. Add the channel name, for example Research and Development. This is case-sensitive, too.

MS Teams Notification setup

6. (Optional) Add custom text to your notification message. If the setup allows, you can add variables to the notification text – click on the little question mark to find variables. If added, you will see the actual details from the data source whenever you get the notification.

MS Teams Notification setup 2
Tip – Add variables

Whenever available, feel free to add variables such as {{ name }} or {{ members }} in the text field. If added, Plecto will send actual data from the data source such as who triggered the notification, how big the sale was, and so on. Click on the question mark icon to see the available variables.

7. Click Save to finish and create (or update) the notification.

All notification messages on Teams will be sent on behalf of the account that added the credentials in Plecto. For example, if Anna added her credentials to configure the notification, it will be her name and profile picture appearing in the Teams feed, even if it's Tim who later triggers the notification.

You can add different variables to the notification text to see actual data from your data sources. See who triggered the notification, the registration value, status, or any other information based on the fields in your data source.

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