Notifications Based on the Result of a Formula

Learn how to create notifications that trigger based on the result of a formula.

Last updated: Feb. 28, 2023

Permission required

Only Global Admins and employees with access to the Notifications feature can create and manage notifications in Plecto. Learn more in Introduction to Permissions.

A notification based on the result of a formula triggers from a calculated result. The formula result is calculated every time your data source gets a new registration or updates an existing one. You can add filters and make your notification trigger when the formula result matches a defined value or a target.

  1. Go to Gamification > Notifications+ New notification.
  2. Name your notification.
  3. Select Send notifications based on > The result of a formula.
  4. Select the formula that should trigger the notification.
Tip – Add filters

We recommend adding at least one filter to avoid that the notification triggers every time the formula result updates.

If you add a filter to the notification, the notification will only trigger when the formula result meets the filter conditions. Here are some filtering examples:

  • The number of won opportunities reaches 30 or more (formula result > 29)
  • The number of outbound calls is 50 (formula result = 50)
  • Your revenue passes 10 000 (formula result > 9999)
  • The number of open support tickets is 10 or less (formula result < 11)

You can choose to add one or multiple filters to create precise conditions for when the notification should trigger. You can also use filters as your targets.

Notification - Won Deals - Trigger

The notification will trigger when the formula result is greater than 10 000. In this example, 10 000 is manually set as a target value.

Available filtering functions

  • equal to (=)
  • not equal to (!=)
  • less than (<)
  • greater than (>)
  • changed by

Changed by

The "changed by" function allows you to keep track of the changes in your formula result. It calculates the difference between the existing and the new result of your formula.

For example, your formula shows that the current sum of sales is 5000. If you add a filter Formula result changed by 1000, the notification will trigger whenever the formula result is increased or lowered by 1000 or more. Here's how it works:

  • The new formula result is 6000 (or more): The notification will trigger.
  • The new formula result is 4000 (or less): The notification will trigger.
  • The new formula result is 5300: The notification will not trigger because the value hasn't changed by 1000 or more.
Be aware

Plecto needs to recognize that you've applied a "changed by" filter. For it to happen, the formula result needs to update one time after you've saved the notification. It means that the notification will trigger from the second time your formula result updates.

You can limit how often the notification triggers once the conditions are met. The notification will trigger from the first time your formula result gets updated (no filters added) or when it meets the filter conditions (a filter is added).

The limit will apply in accordance with the option you've chosen under Compare to formula result. If your Compare to formula result is set to For each selected team and you limit the notification to Once per day, the notification will trigger once a day for each of the selected teams separately.

Notifications - Limit notification
What happens if I don't limit the notification?

If you don't limit the notification, Plecto will use data from today to calculate the formula result. You will get notified every time your data changes or the formula outputs a value that matches your filter condition.

Plecto will look for notification triggers starting from this date and time. It automatically adds the date and time in this field, which is the moment you have created the notification. Therefore, make sure to adjust these if necessary.

For example, if you enable the notification from the 1st of January 2022, all formula results detected on or after the 1st of January can trigger the notification. This allows you to make sure that updates in older registrations do not trigger the notification.

Notification - Enabled From This Date
Default date

The "Enabled from this date" refers to the default date field in your data source. The default date serves as a point of reference that determines what data Plecto should include in the calculation.

Most integration data sources allow you to change the default date in the data source settings. In manual data sources, the default date is usually the "Created date." Learn more in Default Date Used in Formulas.

When setting up a formula-based notification, you can select how to compare the formula result. The main difference is whether the formula looks at the results for each team and employee together or separately.

Notifications - Compare Formula Result

An example of the three options for comparing the formula result.

  • For each employee on the selected teams: The notification will trigger for each employee individually. In this field, you need to add all the teams whose members should trigger the notification. Sub-teams will not trigger the notification if only the parent teams are added.
  • For each selected team: The notification will trigger for each team separately. If the result of either of the teams matches the filter condition, the notification will trigger for those teams. Once again, make sure to add all the teams to the notification because sub-teams will not trigger the notification if only the parent teams are added.
  • For all selected teams combined: Plecto will calculate the formula result for all teams together. Once the total result matches the filter criteria, the notification will trigger. It's enough to add the parent teams here – the sub-teams will trigger the notification even if they aren't added.
  • For each selected employee: This option allows you to add specific employees to the notification. If you deactivate an employee profile, Plecto will automatically remove the employee from the notification. However, if you reactivate the employee profile, you need to add the employee back to the notification manually.

Plecto allows you to select from a variety of notification actions - choose one or combine several - it's up to you! These are the currently available notification actions:

Notification Action Menu

An example of the different notification actions in Plecto.

To add an action, click on one of the action boxes. Each action has different fields and settings that you need to fill out. Once you have set up the notification actions, all you have to do is click "Save" in the bottom right.

Want to create a notification based on a new or updated registration? Learn more in this article.

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