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Only Global Admins and employees with access to the Notifications feature can create and manage notifications in Plecto. Learn more in Introduction to Permissions.

Choose from a variety of notification actions and decide how you want to be notified about accomplishments in your organization. Receive notifications on slideshows, mobile, Slack, and more! Add one or combine several – it's up to you! 🚀

The notification timeline stores all your notification actions. If multiple actions are added to the same slideshow, they will come through in such order as listed on the timeline. Here's what you can do in the notification timeline:

  • Add an unlimited number of notification actions. Get notified on slideshows, by email, in the mobile app, and more. Mix and match the notification actions as you please.
  • Add multiple notification actions to the same slideshow. Choose different notification actions and select the same destination slideshow. If you add sound, text, or personal video actions to the same slideshow, that's the order they will appear in.
  • Add the same notification to different slideshows. Say you want to get notified on both the Inbound and Outbound slideshows. You don't have to create two notifications – you can easily add two notification actions to the same notification and simply select different destination slideshows.
Notification Action Menu

An example of the different notification actions and the timeline.

Tip – Save and test your notifications

Most notification actions allow you to test them once you've saved the notification. A yellow Save and test button will appear in the top-right of the notification action menu.

To test it on slideshows, you first need to open the slideshow. You can connect your slideshows to a TV or preview them on the browser.

To preview, go to Visualization > Slideshows > Preview. Your slideshow will open in the same tab.

This action will play a sound on your slideshow once the notification triggers. You can add a title, custom text, and other options to this notification.

Notification Actions - Play Sound on Slideshow
Repeat times

Repeat times allows you to select how many times you want to loop the notification. For example, if you select 3, Plecto will play 3 consecutive rounds of the same notification action.

This action displays a title and a text of your choice. All you have to do is select the Show custom text on slideshow action, choose a destination slideshow, add your text, and you're ready to go. Celebrate success together and send messages such as Success! or Great job! to motivate your teams.

Slideshow - Notification Text

An example of a notification that displays a custom text message.

This action displays the employee's profile picture and the name of the registration that triggered the notification. Invite your employees to upload their profile pictures – it's a great way to recognize everyone across your organization. Here's how to upload a profile picture:

  1. Click on your name in the bottom-left corner in Plecto.
  2. Click Account settings in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Choose file and select a file from your local device (max 10MB).
  4. Click Save. The picture will now show across Plecto features.

This is one of the most personalized notification actions in Plecto. Each employee in your organization can add a YouTube video that will get played if they trigger a notification. And so, when setting up a notification, you can choose to play their videos on the screens.

How to add a personal video?
  1. Go to YouTube and find a video you want to display once you trigger the notification.
  2. Copy the video URL. It should look like – Plecto doesn't recognize the shortened format
  3. Open Plecto and click on your name in the bottom-left corner.
  4. Click Account settings in the top-right corner.
  5. Insert the URL under Personal YouTube video and click Save.
  6. (Optional) If there is a particular part of the video you want to play, you can select the start and end times. The notification will play only the selected part of the video.
My Account Settings - Personal Video Field Highlighted

An example of a user profile with added personal YouTube video URL.

What will happen if an employee doesn't add a video to their profile?

If you add this notification action, but your employees haven't added YouTube videos to their profiles, Plecto won't display anything on the slideshow once the notification triggers. You will only see the videos of the employees that have added the video URLs to their profiles.

Does your team or office have a victory song? 🏆 Choose a video from YouTube and set it as a notification action – it will play the YouTube video whenever the notification triggers.

  1. Select the Play YouTube video on slideshow notification action.
  2. Choose a destination slideshow.
  3. In another browser tab, open YouTube and find a video you want to play once the notification triggers.
  4. Copy the video URL.
  5. Go back to Plecto and paste the video URL in the YouTube video URL field.
  6. (Optional) If there is a particular part of the video you want to play, you can select the start and end times (in seconds). The notification will play only the selected part of the video.
  7. To continue, select another action. To finish setting up the notification, click Save.

Send notifications to everyone's mobile device. The notification will only be sent to people who have the Plecto mobile app and are logged in. Learn more about Plecto's mobile app.

  1. Select the Send notification to mobile app action.
  2. Add custom text to the notification, for example, "Keep up the great work!"
  3. Choose what dashboard should open once people tap on the notification on their screen.
  4. Select the receiving teams that the notification will be sent to.
  5. (Optional) You can choose to send the push notification only to the team managers.
  6. To continue, select another action. To finish setting up, click Save.
Allow Plecto to send notifications

To receive notifications, you need to be logged in to Plecto on your mobile app and allow Plecto to send notifications to your phone (enable them in your phone settings).

It is possible to automatically award an employee with an achievement. If you've created an achievement such as Employee of the Month, you can choose to automatically give it to someone once they trigger the notification.

  1. Select the Award achievement action and choose the achievement from the dropdown list.
  2. To continue, select another action. To finish setting up the notification, click Save.

Send an email to notify specific people in your organization. You can write custom email text or add some variables, and Plecto will fill them out with the data from your data source.

The variables allow you to include information about the slideshow and team/employee that triggered the notification. Read more about custom notification text here.

  1. Select the Send an email action.
  2. Type in the email address of the person you want to notify. The current setup allows you to add one email per notification action.
  3. You can use the default title and text. The title makes the subject line of your email, and the text will go in the body text of your email.
  4. To continue, select another action. To finish setting up, click Save.
One email per notification action

You can only type one email per notification action. To send emails to multiple people, add multiple notification actions to your timeline.

Plecto IoT

You need to purchase the Plecto IoT box to connect your Philips Hue light to Plecto. Read more about the Plecto IoT here.

Connect Plecto to Philips Hue to create a colorful atmosphere in the office whenever someone triggers a notification! Read the full guide on how to set up Philips Hue.

If you are using Sonos speakers in your office, you can choose to play different default sounds whenever a notification triggers. Read more in Play Notification Sounds on Sonos.

You can easily make Plecto send a Slack notification. Invite Plecto to your channels to get instantly updated about changes in your organization. Read the complete guide on how to connect Plecto to Slack in Send a Slack Notification.

Send notifications to your MS Teams channels. We've created a guide for how to set up a Microsoft Teams notification: Send a Microsoft Teams Notification.

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